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Our company offers Tax Leads generated from all types of effective advertising vehicles, including:

U.S.A Call Center Pre- Qualified TAX LEADS: 
USA Telemarketers dial-out to prospects that recently requested information online and ask them a series of questions to determine if they qualify for an IRS tax debt program. We then connect the Tax Lead consumer to your company via phone.
100% Exclusive. 100% Retuns on any unqualified TAX LEADS.

Live Transfer TV Tax Leads: 
Interested TV TAX LEADS Prospects call the on-screen 800# and are directly connected to your office. You choose the target states, days, hours and daily number of leads. 100% Exclusive Tv Tax Leads.

Live Transfer Radio Tax Leads:
Consumers dial an 800# mentioned on a live Radio Tax Lead Commercial and get connected to your office. You choose the target states, days, hours and daily number of leads. 100% Exclusive. 

Live Transfers Television Surveys Tax Leads:
Prospects respond to a Television Survey for a similiar product.
The call-center agent then asks the prospect if they are behind on their mortgage and have income? If yes, the agent then does a warm live transfer, introduces you to the interested prospect and then hangs up. Bad numbers are replaced as well as all calls under :20 seconds. 100% Exclusive.  

Internet Form Tax Leads:
Prospects go online and submit their information online via a web form. The lead is then verified and sent to your company in real-time. Available in Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive.

Triple Verified Voice Mail Leads: 
Prospects respond to nationwide Tax Settlement advertisements by calling an 800# and are prompted to leave a voicemail with their name, phone and best time to call. Lead is then emailed to you in real-time with the voicemail mp3 attached. 100% No Bad Lead guarantee. 100% Exclusive.  

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